Catalysts design and build bespoke information systems for Customers utilising our expertise to deliver the results that you want.

Catalysts have developed services to deal with issues including:

  •  Discovery Working with Customers to understand and agree their requirements so that we can provide them with a specification and quotation for carrying out the development of a solution for them.
  •  Strategy The phase following order placement by the Customer requires detailed project planning and management.
  •  Groundwork Part of the output of the Discovery process is the requirement for the formatting of the content data. An early stage of the development process will be the content preparation (if any required). This may be done by Catalysts or the Customer.
  •  Platform The platform for the system specified can be in-house, at an ISP or on the cloud. Whichever is chosen as part of the agreed specification will need to be implemented, configured and tested.
  •  Search The search parameters agreed in the specification will require the integration of the selected elements of the search technology.
  •  Organisation The indexes required to deliver the specified search functionality will need to be constructed and the metadata produced.
  •  eCommerce If the specification requires commercial transactions online then subscription management and/or payment solutions will need to be integrated and configured.
  •  Support System and User support will need to be provided, configured and implemented.
  •  Statistics If usage and user statistics are specified then metering will be required and the format and schedule for reporting to the Customer will be implemented and tested.
  •  Communication Throughout the project good communication between Catalysts and the Customer is an essential element of a successful conclusion.