Online Subscription Services ‘Need To Target Younger Age Groups’

Recognising the importance of targeting younger internet users – predominantly those in the 18 to 24 age bracket – is vital for news providers and other services that offer paid-for content on a subscription model.

An article for Digiday UK recently looked at what subscription publishers can do to ensure that this generation accept the need to pay for certain types of content.

It noted that some companies have already seen the need to target this younger demographic and have had some success. The Telegraph, for instance, revealed that its fastest-growing subscriber segment is the 18 to 34 age bracket. This is in part due to the app, which was redesigned with this audience in mind.

Nic Newman, editor of the Reuters Institute Digital News Report, told the publication that there is a “huge battle at the quality end of the market”.

“Everyone is aware of how important that [18-24-year-old] group of the next leaders is. The difficulty is the intense competition in the market and the price points,” he stated.

Some publications – such as the Economist and Financial Times – are actively targeting students with their advertising or offering their content free to schools, in the hope of developing a readership among this younger generation.

Google recently announced new terms for its subscriber tool following criticism from the media industry. The search engine unveiled “more generous terms” The Japan News reported, including increasing the percentage of revenue that publishers receive when a reader first buys a subscription – from 70 per cent to 85 to 95 per cent.

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