How Do You Begin To Create Intelligent Content?

Intelligent content is a concept that’s designed to make what you produce for your business more discoverable, as well as allowing it to be easily adapted for different purposes.

But where do you begin with creating this kind of discoverable content in your business? An article CMS Wire recently offered some advice on where to begin with developing an intelligent content programme for your organisation.

Before you start coming up with an intelligent content strategy, you need to make sure you have the right team in place. The aim is to spend time planning your story ideas and different content formats under common themes.

Having a strategy to identify these themes is therefore essential, and you should make sure that your content plan aligns with this at all times.

You also need to do an internal audit, not only of the content you’ve already produced, but also of the people who produce it. You need to know who does what and how the content creation process works, as well as what formats you’re creating content in and whether this properly represents your brand. Then you can identify any weak spots and look to fix them.

Part of this involves creating a cross-functional team, who can “reach out to everyone in the content lifecycle”, Ann Rockley, founder and CEO of The Rockley Group, told the news provider. “Be sure to identify the current pain points in customer requirements, organisational processes and technology,” she added.

In terms of the format you adopt for your content, it’s worth keeping an eye on wider trends. For instance, a Digital Adspend report from the Internet Advertising Bureau UK and PwC earlier this year revealed that video ad spend climbed by 47 per cent in 2017, with 73 per cent of all video ad spend dedicated to smartphone content.