Free Returns ‘Most Important’ For Consumers

If you’re running an ecommerce business and want to make sure that you not only attract new customers but that you retain the ones you already have, providing free returns is a must.

Small Biz Trends highlighted research carried out recently by Dotcom Distribution, which found that over 90 per cent of people place a high value on free returns when they order online.

What’s more, 91 per cent said that this would also influence their future purchases. According to the news provider, this is being driven in part by large online retailers like Amazon that not only offer fast delivery, but also quick, easy and free returns.

It’s leading to a shift in consumer expectations, Maria Haggerty, CEO of Dotcom Distribution, told the website. She explained that in 2016 customers were most concerned with fast delivery and quality packaging.

“While those factors are still valued, the opportunity for brands to reach, retain and extend customers’ lifetime value lies in giving them what they want, how and when they want it,” she asserted.

With Christmas coming around the corner, it’s well worth looking at how you ship your products, and what return options you offer to those who buy through your ecommerce store.

And, of course, November sees the return of Black Friday, so it pays to be ready for this huge spike in internet sales. Research published last month showed that many retailers have learned they need to plan well ahead for this busy time of year.

In fact, over one-third of those who responded to the Acceleration Partners study said they were already finalising the deals and offers they’d put in place for Black Friday.