Could An Education Portal Work For Your Business?

In an era where everyone is conducting content marketing and the internet is flooded with everything from short blogs to long videos, what can you do to help make your business stand out?

A recent article for Biz Report suggested that an education portal could be the best way to go if you want to boost your visibility and give your customers added value that will keep them coming back.

Educational content is defined by the news provider as something that will educate or inform the user on a given topic. It can take many forms, which means it’s likely that there’s some way for you to use it in your sector.

For instance, it could be a guide that provides an overview of a specific topic. If your company sells physical products, then tutorials and troubleshooting guides and articles could be very useful to your customers – and save your customer service team some time.

Another type of content to consider is training or skills development. Given that this kind of content is likely to take more work to produce on your part, you may want to introduce a subscription or charging structure for these elements.

Aside from giving your customers extra, one of the main reasons to invest in an educational portal is because this is highly discoverable content. That’s because it will typically answer a customer’s question or solve a problem. It can also help position your brand as an expert in your field.

There are many different types of content that you can produce nowadays, one of which is interactive content. Last month, MarTech Advisor noted that this can be a great tool for boosting brand awareness, among other things, but cautioned that you need to take some time to determine the best kind of interactive content.

You don’t want to make something interactive just for the sake of it – you should always be thinking about how any content you produce can feed into your wider business goals.