Consumers More Likely To Make ‘Big Purchases’ From Desktop, Says Research

While you may be focusing more and more on delivering discoverable content through mobile, when it comes down to the actual act of making a large, high value purchase, consumers are still more likely to use a desktop, according to new research.

This is certainly the cased in Pacific Asia, where although purchase volume through mobile has eclipsed that of desktop users, they’re still using more rooted devices for these important purchases.

A study found that 60 per cent of online shoppers used both channels, often using the mobile for initial browsing before turning to desktop to pay for the object.

According to The Drum, there are a few core reasons that might best explain this phenomenon – firstly a perceived sense of trust and security attached to desktop devices. Whether justified or not, this perception in the gap of cybersecurity is still turning people to desktop for these big purchases.

Desktop also is more useful for consumers when they’re considering more information surrounding a purchase, as the larger screen allows more information to be displayed. Desktops are also preferable for product comparison, especially on products such as holidays or insurance, where the use of multiple tabs can be achieved more easily.

Also, desktops may be favoured for larger purchases for the potential use of browser extensions, which are often used for convenience in inputting details, for example.

It goes to show that while mobile may be overtaking desktop, desktop still remains relevant for many users and should be given appropriate attention.