CEOs Driving Digital For 2019, But Face ‘Skills Challenge’

While many businesses have already turned to bespoke information solutions to streamline their workflow, 2019 is the year of major adoption, according to some experts. Speaking to industry experts, Business Computing World has outlined how attitudes to adopting cloud services for businesses are changing rapidly.

While traditionally, old school organisations have had the attitude of ‘have-to-do’ as opposed to ‘want-to-do’ when it comes to digitalisation, recent advances have seen them adapt to realise that in being left behind, they may be losing their competitive edge – something that has real world implications to them now. The likes of Office 365 moving more and more towards cloud services is pushing digital to the forefront, and it is now being seen more clearly as a way to streamline internal processes and be more an investment in future-proofing the business.

This is especially important for businesses as they see more and more businesses ‘born in the cloud’ enter different sectors. Uber and Airbnb might be the most well-known, but for every start-up with a strong cloud infrastructure that makes the news, there’s five in different industries also causing disruption. With these young businesses growing extremely quickly, traditional businesses are starting to see adoption of digital a necessary evil to survive in their markets.

The one problem this will bring, according to some, is a skills shortage in Chief Intelligence Officers, who are equipped to take forward a business with a digital strategy. Transforming a business into a digital one is a complex process, and no matter how much CEOs may need and want this change, it requires finding an individual, if not team, with the skill set to accommodate.