Popularity Of Cloud Computing Boosts Google And Intel Earnings

More and more people are beginning to understand the value of having their data stored online, as the growing popularity of Cloud computing services has helped boost the financial results for Google and Intel.

The technology giants have achieved record-breaking figures recently. Google reported that its Cloud revenue had increased dramatically over the year, helping the company to record a 29 per cent increase in overall revenue in 2017/18, Cloud Pro revealed.

However, it is hard to determine how much of an increase its Cloud computing services achieved alone, as all revenues are counted as one.

Chief executive officer Sundar Pichai was reported as saying the company has also invested in machine learning and open infrastructure.

He said: “And this notion of supporting open architecture so that enterprises don’t feel locked in and allowing for a multi-Cloud environment to develop. That’s the direction we are betting on and our indications are that the market is headed in that direction as well.”

Similarly, Intel’s overall earnings increased 19 per cent over the last year, thanks to its data centre operation income of $6.14 billion (£4.17 billion), as more individuals and businesses are using bespoke information solutions to store their data online these days.

This supersedes the expectations that its data centre operation would earn $5.89 billion in the 12-month period, with it being Intel’s second most profitable division.

According to the organisation, this unprecedented growth in revenue is due to the rising request for Cloud use, as well as demand for communications services.

Google and Intel are not the first companies to realise the potential of their Cloud computing businesses, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently launched a new Cloud data solution for customers.

It will offer data protection and copy data management, which it hopes will reduce storage expenses and increase Cloud efficiency, according to a report in Business Insider.