Hewlett Packard Reveals New Cloud Data Solutions

It is important to protect digital content whether it is for personal use or belonging to a big business, which is why more and more people are storing their data on the cloud these days and looking for bespoke information solutions to protect their data.

However, as technological advances are occurring all the time, companies need to stay ahead of the game if they can continue to store, protect and manage the content of their clients.

That is why Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has revealed it is going to provide new data protection and copy data management solutions. This will help users increase operational efficiency by up to 95 per cent, which will boost the speed at which their cloud can be backed up, as well as cut down on storage costs.

Vice president of secondary storage and big data product management at HPE Patrick Osborne stated: “Businesses need a built-for-cloud approach to data protection and copy data management on-premises and in the cloud for simple and efficient data mobility.”

He went on to say the new solutions allow customers to “orchestrate intelligent, multi-tiered data protection from on-premises arrays to the public cloud”.

HPE is not the only technology firm that is coming up with innovative ideas to stay ahead of the game. Just last month, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was reported to be taking its cloud computing solutions into space.

This Just In revealed AWS intends to look at satellite systems outside of earth with the help of development engineers and space and satellite product managers who can provide expertise in this field. ccc