• Our State Magazine

    “Our State Magazine is an award-winning publication featuring North Carolina travel, history, food, and culture.  We have an 81-year legacy and over 175,000 passionate and loyal subscribers from across the United States and many foreign countries.  We wanted to provide our customers with an online account management tool that would seamlessly integrate with our existing circulation software, THINK Subscription.  Our goals in offering increased options for account management were a better overall customer experience, a reduction of manual work performed by our CSRs, and, ultimately, a reduction in the overall number of printed and mailed pieces.  After several false starts with other companies, we were thrilled to find such a qualified partner as Catalysts Ltd.

    Our integrated website has been live for just over 60 days, and the transition and launch have been smoother than anticipated. Our customers are now able to self-service their accounts and see changes take effect immediately.  A vast majority of these account edits, orders and payments require no CSR intervention. We are seeing a faster turnaround with our mailed efforts, and our volume is now more evenly distributed over mail, phone, and online channels.  We have been very satisfied with the solution provided and the continued technical support”.

    Lynn Tutterow
    Associate Publisher

  • Juta and Company Ltd

    “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and Tom for the efforts in assisting us, it has been wonderful to receive the levels of service that we have from you and it is greatly appreciated. The speed with which you were able to respond to our request to come to Cape Town could not have been matched and I thank you for that”.

    Wendy Moulang

  • John Wiley & Sons Ltd

    John Wiley & Sons, Inc. has worked with Catalysts for several years, and our experience has been nothing but positive.  We have had the pleasure of working with Catalysts’ staff in all stages of development – from fleshing out requirements, pre-development meetings, testing, and launching – and have found everyone to be professional, enthusiastic, and eager to work with us.

    Lynne Marsala

  • Thomson Reuters – Sweet & Maxwell

    “Catalysts take our various data sources – text, tables, SGML etc – and format them into the indexed, fully searchable, hyperlinked Folio Views CDs that we then circulate to our regular subscribers. Of course, this type of work is not as cheap as other forms of data delivery, but Catalysts have always given us an efficient service.”

    Farah Ahmed
    Digital Products Manager

  • Juta and Company Ltd

    “As South Africa’s oldest and most respected academic, professional and law publisher our strategic focus is on meeting South Africa’s educational and information requirements and contributing to the life-long learning of all of our country’s citizens. Our relationship with Catalysts Limited has assisted us in the development of our NXT online publishing platform and provided the training which now allows us to run and maintain the package with minimal external input. This allows us to focus on our core business of providing authoritative information solutions of excellence to our customers.”

    Information Systems Manager, Juta Law

  • Wolters Kluwer UK

    “The CCH and Croner brands in Wolters Kluwer UK both excel at providing the UK’s leading data users with smart information tools that help make their businesses more effective and therefore more profitable.

    Catalysts Ltd started working with us in the early 1990s and more recently have been instrumental in supporting our in-house production facility when they designed and built an NXT system for our Croner-i and CCH Online services.”

    Simon Powell

  • Liguori Publications

    Our partnership with Catalysts enabled us to launch a web subscription platform in a relatively short time frame—launching new products while integrating with a complex enterprise system.

    Catalysts service and support has been of the highest quality and their focus has been to provide effective and scalable solutions for our needs. In addition, they’ve provided outstanding attention to detail throughout all phases of our project. They have been great to work with on all levels.

    Wendy Barnes
    E-Commerce Manager, Liguori Publications