Benefits of Outsourcing for online Publishers

Publishing used, two or three decades ago, to be all about sourcing, writing, editing and printing content. Today it is still all of that, but much less so. More and more it is about the technology of online publishing and requires developers and programmers as well as editors and marketing people skilled in your target market. This is surely a diversion from the key task of finding or writing and presenting your content to your customers in the most effective manner.

If you do it yourselves internally then the investment in specialist hardware and software is high and you can easily end up with more skilled and expensive employees when it is finished than you need to run it day to day. A outsourced service can offer high quality product- and skills-based solutions to publishers with many advantages. A fixed payment schedule means you know what you’re going to get and how much it’s going to cost over the contract. And if you choose carefully the task can be done by developers with extensive experience and they are likely to be able to provide support and maintenance services too. This can leave you, the publisher, to focus on the content, the reader and the marketing – back where you were years ago.

Today outsource providers are being called Managed Service Providers and that is what they are increasingly becoming. As suggested above they specialise in the technicalities of publishing leaving Publishers to focus on their content and customers. They design and build online platforms and keep them right up to date with the latest hardware and software. They often use these platforms in the Cloud and serve numbers of Publishers from the same basic platform modified to suit the content. In addition, they offer contracts to suit their customers along with support and maintenance services.

How does this benefit the Publishers? The shared platforms reduce the costs and the services also fulfil the same cost-reduction function. And of course, the Publishers do not need to employ and train the developers and service staff to build the systems and support the content.