Hosted Services

  • NIMbase
    • All in one online publishing service
    • Subscription management tools and reports included
    • Authentication and access control
    • Hosted on Azure, our cloud servers, or your own system
  • NXT Online Server
  • Custom developments

Software products and services

  • MongoDB - NoSQL solution for when traditional databases leaving you wanting
  • Rocket NXT - a server-based enterprise search and publishing platform
  • Folio - provides robust search, content management, and publishing from the desktop or delivered via CD/DVD/USB
  • Bespoke developments

Recent blog posts...

The Rise of Big Data NoSQL Platforms

20 March 2019

NoSQL is now more than ten years old. It started supporting simple schema-less apps and has progressed to becoming a mission-critical data platform for large companies. It has already disrupted the database market


Why are there different storage engine options in NIMbase?

13 March 2019

The initial releases of NIMbase included two choices:

  • A traditional SQL database.
  • An enterprise search platform - developed for those wanting to publish their content in a secure fashion.

We are now adding a NoSQL option.


Applications of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

27 February 2019

NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that has many key and useful implications for the way in which humans and computers can interact.


Efficient and timely deployment of Data

13 February 2019

Internal staff are closest to your content. They have likely been involved in its development and writing. They are also likely to appreciate best how